German Shepherd breed


Interested in any of our puppies but far way ?

We can make the arrangements for you to have your German Shepherd same-day. The puppy will be shipped YOUR state/city for. Pick up or delivered directly to your home.

Our Puppies Do meet you up general airlines shipping/delivery Requirements & standards:

If you decide to have a puppy shipped to you, we will need the following information:

1. Your full name, that you have I.D. for, you will need to show this a taxy delivery personnel that will bring the puppy to your home or at a pickup point.

2. The full name of someone else who also has I.D., as a “back up’ person for pickup so they can pick up your puppy, if, in case of an emergency you are unable.

3. Your physical address, it cannot be a post office box

4. Phone numbers that you can easily be reached.

5. The name of the airport that you prefer your puppy to arrive at, and the name of an optional airport

Clients can now reserve an available puppy until they are ready to pick up or have the puppy shipped over. For reservation to be effective,
- Clients will have to pay half of purchase price.
- Place a deposit for puppy reservation
- We just started doing a deposit list again.

The process above is mainly for US and CANADA customer. May change for other countries.Check with your local authority on pet importation/ transportation (On this breed)
Do puppies get scared & lonely during shipping?
How long does it take?

My explanation to clients;

Shipping a Puppy Is Very safe: Below Details Shipping a puppy may sometimes sounds cruel and embarrassing to some clients, but actually I think it is harder for us than the puppy(s). With our years of shipping experience, We're certain that all puppies are well cared for during flight.Think about it for a minute, no pet courier company is going to mistreat the puppy(its) for fear of lawsuit & bad customer review. Feeding , control instructions is always attached to the puppy's crate so that they handlers know when and what to do.
In most cases the puppy will arrive within 4-8 hours of the delivery duration time.

We take pride in the fact that our relationship with customers doesn't end when you take home a puppy from us. As a conscientious breeder, experienced puppy counselors, die-hard puppy lovers, we'd like to believe nothing can ever go wrong with our puppies. However, certain things are never in our control. A puppy's health is dependent on a lot of factors like genetics, exercise, food & nourishment and overall care. If something does go wrong, we always strive to help, sometimes without our guarantee coverage. While we may not be able to guarantee that your puppy will never have a health problem, we guarantee that we will do our best to ensure your new companion is a healthy one!

Our Health Guarantee:
=> We do not believe your puppy is replaceable but we do believe that sometimes the pain can be lessened in the company of another furry friend. In the unlikely event of the death of a puppy within two years from its birth due to genetics, or if the puppy is found to have congenital or hereditary disorders (within two years) which adversely affects the health of your puppy, we will replace the pet with another of equivalent value at no cost to you. The cause of death should be certified by a licensed veterinarian.

=> In the event of the death of a puppy, due to genetics, after ten years of birth, we will issue a credit in the amount of 60% of the original cost towards the purchase of a replacement puppy of equivalent value. The cause of death should be certified by a licensed veterinarian. What we need from you: Nothing delights us more than knowing we were able to bring a healthy, happy puppy to you. We do seek out your help to ensure your puppy remains healthy.

Few measures that will help:
=> Send us a copy of the examination (medical record) within 2 business days of receiving your puppy. The examination must be performed by a licensed veterinarian. Your puppy will come with up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccinations, so make sure you do not vaccinate within the first ten days of receiving your puppy.

=> The daily healthcare and maintenance of your pet, including all the recommended immunizations and examinations.

=> While we de-worm and vaccinate your pup till the departure date, we'd like you to continue proper de-worming and conducting regular exams up to 16 weeks of age or more (or as recommended by the veterinarian). Exceptions to our Guarantee:

=> We cannot guarantee the disposition or temperament, conformation, size, weight, color, markings or breeding ability of your new puppy.

=> No replacements will be given if the breeds that are known to be prone to hip dysplasia, are over-weight.

=> Failure to provide your puppy with timely inoculations or regular veterinary care will void this guarantee.

=> This guarantee does not cover any costs associated with spaying or neutering, including undescended tests.